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Who Makes Traditions Firearms?

who makes traditions firearms

If you’re wondering who makes Traditions firearms, you’ve come to the right place. The company produces top-quality reproductions of many famous firearms. Some of its firearms even include chromoly steel barrels. You can also find LT-1 Alloy Frames, Accelerator Breech Plugs, and Nitride Finishes. To learn more about Traditions firearms and its products, read on!

Traditionals Firearms Company is an importer and manufacturer of do-it-yourself gun kits and muzzleloaders. Their range includes classic revolvers, pistols, and muzzleloaders. They also offer do-it-yourself gun kits and optics. Traditions Firearms is dedicated to making high-quality firearms that can be used for hunting. If you are looking for an affordable, quality firearm, consider a Traditions model.

The Pursuit series from Traditions has been a staple of their line for years. The Pursuit XT model features Traditions’ Elite XT trigger system. With this trigger system, you can shoot with accuracy and maintain a smooth, even stance. Unlike a traditional trigger, the Elite XT trigger system also features a rebounding hammer for extra accuracy. A manual choke mechanism is available for additional safety.

The Pennsylvania flintlock rifle reviewed by Small Caliber Arms Review, and Buckskins & Blackpowder give their verdicts on the Traditions Mountain Rifle in.50 caliber. In addition to reviews, Buckskins & Blackpowder also shares tips for shooting and working with muzzleloaders. In addition to reviews from the Small Caliber Arms Review, Alison Hall discusses the Traditions Firearms line and its NitroFire muzzleloader rifle. The new NitroFire rifle from Traditions Firearms eliminates the traditional muzzleloading seating methods, allowing you to shoot your firearm with greater efficiency.