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Who Makes Radical Firearms Rifle Barrels?

who makes radical firearms barrels

Radical Firearms is a company that produces rifle barrels for a variety of firearms. The company also offers custom rifle barrels. These barrels are typically made from ER Shaw 4150 steel blanks, the same material that is commonly used in reloading magazines. The barrels are then sent to a QPQ plating facility to achieve their desired finish. Radical Firearms barrels are available at online retailers and from law enforcement agencies.

Although the company is relatively small, they have developed a reputation for value and high quality. Some of their barrels are made entirely from scratch, while others use materials from other manufacturers. In either case, the company is committed to quality and craftsmanship, and can build custom rifles and barrels to fit your specifications.

The company manufactures Radical Firearms barrels from ER Shaw 4150 steel blanks and ships them to a QPQ-certified plating facility in the United States. The finished product comes in a black finish, giving each rifle a unique look. While most firearms manufacturers use the same methods to produce barrels, Radical Firearms’ process is more customized and allows them to create barrels for specific firearm models.

Besides barrels, Radical Firearms sells many other AR-related products. For example, they have a Facebook page where people can sign up for exclusive deals and premium content. You can also opt to subscribe to their mailing list. They have a great privacy policy and will not sell your information or load cookies on your computer.

Radical Firearms is a relatively newcomer in the AR-15 world, but it has expanded rapidly over the past half-decade. In that time, it has emerged as the top budget manufacturer, even manufacturing many parts in-house. Moreover, it has a dedicated Blue Line program that offers special discounts to law enforcement officials.

If you are looking for a new rifle, Radical Firearms is one of the best places to buy a barrel. They use ER Shaw 4150 steel blanks for their rifle barrels, which are then plated by the top QPQ plating company in the country.

The company offers affordable AR-15 rifles that are renowned for being reliable and durable. For instance, their AR-15s feature a forged 7075 T6 aluminum upper receiver and upgraded furniture. Moreover, they are equipped with a mid-length gas system. These rifles also come with an MIL-STD upper receiver, which means that they can be mounted on any standard Mil-Spec AR-15 lower.