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Cimarron Replica Firearms

where are cimarron firearms made

If you’re looking for a fine, high-end firearm, Cimarron firearms are the perfect choice. These replica firearms are made from authentic, historic firearms. The details and references used in creating them are true to the originals. However, they are not cheap.

Cimarron produces replicas of authentic old west guns, including the venerable Colt Single Action Army revolver, which was the best handgun of its day. While these original guns can be very expensive, replicas are priced fairly. These guns are typically made of iron and soft steel. The SAA was considered the most refined handgun of its time, and Cimarron and Uberti both produce excellent reproductions.

Cimarron’s custom shop offers custom finishes and laser engraving, and the company’s replicas are often made to look like they came from the 19th century. The company also invests in the best materials, so each firearm is functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for an authentic 18th century firearm, Cimarron’s Billy Dixon Officer’s Model is a great choice.

Cimarron firearms are also available in many models. The company’s website shows the design and specifications of the firearms, and the company also provides information about where each gun is made. Cimarron firearms are an excellent choice for collectors and reenactors, and even competitive shooters. They’ve won awards from True West magazine.

Cimarron is known for its handguns, but it also makes decent rifles and shotguns as well. The company also makes coach guns, which were popular weapons in the old west. They can handle three-inch shells and feature classic exposed hammers. These are excellent choices for anyone looking for an old-school shotgun.

A Cimarron pistol can come in various finishes. You can choose walnut or poly-ivory for the grip, and the gun may come in nickel or charcoal blue. If you’re after a truly unique firearm, you can choose a limited edition or special edition.

Cimarron Arms has several 1911 models, including a replica of the famous Colt Peacemaker. The gun is period correct, and the barrel is charcoal case hardened for a look that matches its period counterparts. The company also produces several dozen reproduction rifles from the early 19th century. These firearms are popular and have been featured in several period movies.

Cimarron Firearms is recognized as the leader in Old West firearm replicas. Their latest introduction to their product line has come in the form of a YouTube video series. Mike Harvey, the voice of Cimarron Firearms, introduces the new Model 1887 Lever-Action Shotgun, which is a historically accurate replica that’s perfect for big game hunting.

Cimarron also makes revolvers. The company makes about two thousand guns a day. There are a variety of models, including the Uberti single-action. The Uberti revolver is one of the few that comes with period-correct nitre-blued screws.