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When Storing Ammunition and Firearms, Which of the Following is an Important Consideration?

when storing firearms and ammunition

Properly store ammunition and firearms in their original packaging. Keep them out of the reach of children and away from excessive heat. Keep them in an airtight box or case that is free from moisture and light. Never store them in jacket or backpack pockets. In addition, store them in a climate-controlled cabinet or lockbox. Remember that high temperatures can cause powder and primer to break down. Using a lockbox can also protect your ammunition and firearms from moisture and light.

Proper storage is essential to protect your ammunition and firearms from damage. Unlike ammunition stored in a dry environment, ammunition stored in a wet environment can become unpredictable. Ammunition stored in a wet environment may not fire bullets if they have been damaged. Always lock up your firearms and ammunition when not in use. When storing firearms, you should also store ammunition boxes separately.

It is a good idea to thoroughly test your ammunition before using it for defensive purposes. Use ammunition recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use over-pressure ammunition in your handgun as it can reduce its service life and put you and other people in danger. In addition to keeping your ammunition and firearms out of the hands of children, you should store them in safe and easily-accessible places. You should also ensure that they are kept away from pets and children.

Never shoot a gun during celebrations. This is not only dangerous but generally illegal. Bullets fired into the air can ricochet off of water, flat surfaces, and even people. Whenever you’re not sure about a gun’s safety, ask a knowledgeable gun owner to help you. Be sure to point it in the direction that you intend to shoot. Always keep your gun in a safe direction so that accidental discharges don’t threaten you or your neighbors.