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How to Become a Certified Firearms Instructor

how to become a certified firearms instructor

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a certified firearms instructor, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn about the requirements and qualifications. Becoming a firearms instructor is not a difficult job, and you’ll have the ability to train and instruct people of all ages and experience levels. Moreover, becoming a firearms instructor is a rewarding profession and will make you a sought-after teacher among your fellow gun owners.

Once you’ve earned your certification, you can teach firearms classes on the side or as a full-time job. You can start your own business, work for a well-established firearms instruction company, or become a firearms instructor for law enforcement agencies. There are several options, depending on your level of expertise, and many firearms instructors find great success as instructors. You can also choose to become an instructor for NRA courses.

To become an NRA instructor, you must have a thorough background in firearms safety and shooting. You also need to have an endorsement from a trained NRA training counselor. For this, you must take a NRA Instructor Training Course. This course is aimed at teaching firearms safety and teaching methods. You may be asked to demonstrate your firearm background during the pre-course assessment exercises. However, NRA strongly recommends that you take a student level course first.

In addition to the NRA Firearms Instructor Course, you will also need to complete the NRA Instructor Training Course. This course lasts anywhere from eleven to twenty-two hours and is divided into several different disciplines. You will receive an NRA Trainer’s Guide and an Instructor Candidate Packet with lesson plans and course outlines. The basic course student packet includes a student handbook, certificates, and NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure.

Before you start teaching, you will need to pass an NRA Instructor Training Course. This course is required by the NRA, and you must score at least 90% on the Trainers Examination. Afterwards, you may be eligible to take a discipline-specific instructor training. Afterwards, you can add a rating. However, before you can add it, you should first complete NRA Basic Instructor Training.

Among the many advantages of NRA Instructor Training is the discount for NRA Members who decide to become instructors. Instructors can also earn more income by teaching different subjects and gaining a wider scope of knowledge. The NRA has also created an Instructor Credential that will enhance your income potential. This credential is offered by the National Rifle Association (NRA), and will cost you approximately $350. However, you must remember that these fees do not include the cost of ammunition and range use. You’ll also need to pay a fee for your NRA Range Card, which is $10.