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What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

Have you ever wondered what happened to Red Jacket Firearms? It may have come as a surprise to you to learn that the company is now a separate legal entity and operating under the name Meaux Guns & Ammo. It’s a great time to learn about this company and their employees as they have become a force for good in the shooting industry. Here are some of the facts about the company.

In 2011, Will Hayden was a star of a reality TV show called “Sons of Guns,” which focused on his firearms business. This show introduced him to a world of opportunity, as it showcased the processes he went through in building firearms. The show ended after the fifth season because of legal troubles. This isn’t the first time that a business has fallen prey to legal troubles.

After the show’s first season, Red Jacket Firearms came under a great deal of scrutiny. During a routine ATF inspection, the company found that ten guns were missing. That was a huge violation in the gun business, and Hayden was subsequently arrested on multiple counts of rape. The other two members of the cast were also arrested. While they are no longer in prison, their fates are uncertain.

The incident with Red Jacket Firearms ended within a few weeks, but it didn’t stop there. The company’s COO, Michael Hayden, did not know that his business partner had secret licensing agreements and moneymaking schemes that were a major reason for the company’s bankruptcy. As a result, they were forced to close the store. The CEO has since left the company and continues to work with Watson at Aklys Defense.

Hayden misappropriated tens of thousands of dollars from the business charge account. During this time, he intended to set up his own side business as a sole owner. But his actions resulted in a court order to reimburse his former business partners. After his conviction, Hayden was forced to pay $130,000 to his former business partners. The company has not opened for business since. If it was once open, it will be closed down as a blighted entity.

After the emergence of a new business model, the business has undergone a dramatic change. Once the business had expanded to include a new branch in Louisiana, the Red Jacket Gun Shop would no longer be able to survive. Its employees would have to work under strict guidelines and meet stringent standards. The business would not continue without their involvement, so it’s understandable that people will lose faith in it.

Will Hayden and Stephanie Hayden are no longer partners in Red Jacket. Stephanie had become a victim of child molestation and will no longer be able to work for Red Jacket. Stephanie Hayden later revealed that her father had molested her as a child. This led to her daughter being taken out of his custody. Will Hayden also lost custody of his youngest daughter. And this is just one story among many.