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How Many Firearms Are There in the World?

how many firearms in the world

The question “How many firearms are there in the world?” is a topic of much debate, as it is difficult to estimate just how many guns are in circulation. However, one thing is certain: the United States is the gun capital of the world. The government has taken the necessary steps to limit gun violence and keep the number of firearms under control, but that still leaves a large untapped market. Here’s a look at some of the statistics on the number of firearms worldwide.

According to the Small Arms Survey, the number of small arms in the world has surpassed eight hundred and seventy million. While only a quarter of those guns are in government hands, three-quarters are in civilian hands. That means that there are more firearms than cars. As such, there are many more guns than cars on the planet. The question “How many firearms are there in the world?” is one that needs to be answered.

According to statistics, the United States has the highest percentage of civilian-owned firearms in the world. It has nearly double the number of the second-place country, Mexico. The United States alone owns approximately three hundred and fifty million firearms. According to the global Small Arms Survey, which draws from survey and official data from 230 countries, the United States is the world leader in civilian firearm ownership. It is estimated that approximately four percent of all civilians in the U.S. own a gun, which means there are more guns in the world than there are people.

The presence of firearms in our society is a concern for many people. Guns in the hands of citizens can lead to serious crimes, and we must eliminate systemic racism in our society before more firearms end up in the wrong hands. There is no simple solution to this problem, but we can start with a discussion about public policy and racial injustice. Ultimately, the goal of the United States is to reduce systemic racism and create a more just and equitable society.

Another way to reduce the number of firearms in the world is to regulate the supply of new weapons. While no Government has yet proposed limiting the production of new firearms, most countries recognise the need for limits on international sales of these weapons. This process is called the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). However, some international transfers of firearms are irresponsible and should be stopped, such as those that arm uprisings and organized criminal groups.