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Where Are Ruger Firearms Made?

Where are Ruger firearms manufactured? The Ruger company was founded in 1949 by John L. “Jack” Boudreau. It began by producing inexpensive.22 caliber rimfire guns for plinking, target shooting, and sport shooting. In 1949, Sturm, Ruger was still a small company, and the first handgun it produced was the Ruger Standard. This gun was marketed as the perfect choice for a new company to enter the firearm manufacturing business.

The company grew immensely following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After the attack, Ruger began to duplicate two Japanese “baby” Nambu pistols. Bill Ruger later purchased a Nambu pistol from a returned Marine. In the 1970s, Ruger incorporated the German 9mm Luger design and American Colt Woodsman into a semi-automatic pistol. This became the Ruger Standard, the company’s first commercially successful semi-auto pistol.

During its history, Ruger has operated numerous factories. Although it is currently headquartered in Southport, Connecticut, most of the firearms company’s manufacturing happens in Europe. To acquire a Ruger firearm, you must first order it. Ruger dealers and distributors can help you place your order. Most dealers can ship firearms directly to you. It’s also important to know the exact location of where to purchase a Ruger firearm.

After the war, Ruger turned to firearm manufacturing and started his company in Southport, Connecticut. He originally intended to produce sporting guns but subcontracted parts to the company Auto Ordnance, which had already branched out into record players. This business thrived for two years. Ruger then tried to enter the high-end carpenter’s tool industry but the cost was too high to maintain. It closed its doors in 1948.

In 2008, Ruger introduced a new revolver called the LC380. This pistol is very lightweight, making it an excellent option for concealed carry and police backup weapons. Ruger also introduced several auto pistol lines, including the SR-series. The SR1911 was modeled after the Colt M1911 pistol. The American Pistered pistol uses a Browning-type locked breech short-recoil action.

Sturm, Ruger & Company is one of the largest manufacturers of firearms in the world. They make more than 400 different models in 30 different product lines. Their humble beginnings in 1949 faced a number of detractors, but they persevered and now boast more than one hundred years of success. One of the most iconic rifles is the Ruger 1911. Ruger pistols can be found in many firearm shops worldwide.

In the 1950s, Ruger was the sole supplier of enlarged titanium heads for Callaway Golf drivers. In 1995, Ruger and Callaway formed a joint venture where they would manufacture $150 million worth of driver heads for Callaway Golf. Until 2005, they also made golf club heads for other companies. The investment casting business makes up just 1% of Ruger’s revenues. There are many other companies that make golf clubs, but this small business contributes less than 1% to the company’s overall revenue.

Ruger produces a wide variety of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic pistols. Their products are known as “Rugers,” but many people know them as Smith & Wesson. In terms of sales, Ruger is the number one gun manufacturer in the country. In 2015 alone, the company produced more than one million firearms. The company was the number two gunmaker in the United States from 2008 to 2011, and has continued to grow.