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How to Become an NRA Firearms Instructor

how to become an nra firearms instructor

How to Become an NRA Firearms Instructor

The first step to become an NRA firearms instructor is to complete a Basic Instructor Training course. It is a two-day, 16-hour course that consists of NRA’s Basic Instructor Training and discipline-specific training. It costs $35 to take this course and can be taken as often as needed. After completing this course, you’ll be eligible to teach a class with a minimum of four students.

To take an NRA Instructor Training Course, you must already have experience with a firearm. Depending on the course, you can learn basic shooting techniques or teach a concealed handgun license class. You will also need to have a basic understanding of firearm safety. Regardless of which discipline you plan to teach, it’s essential that you have knowledge of firearm safety and handling. After completing the training course, you’ll need to be able to pass a thorough pre-course assessment.

Before you can take an NRA Instructor Training Course, you need to have a solid background in firearm safety. This includes a background in shooting, action types, and safe firearms handling. In addition to this, you should have taken at least a basic course in the discipline you’d like to teach. This training course is designed to train you for teaching NRA programs, including pistol, rifle, and rifle. After completing the course, you will be eligible to teach the NRA’s Basic Firearm Training Program.

After completing the Basic Instructor Training Course, you’ll need to demonstrate your proficiency with shooting and safety fundamentals. The NRA will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in firearms during pre-course assessments. You’ll also need to take a discipline-specific Instructor Training course, which requires a minimum of five to fourteen hours of instruction. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in firearms safety and handling.

To become an NRA instructor, you’ll need to have a minimum of six years of experience in the discipline you want to teach. During the course, you’ll learn about NRA policy and training methods, as well as how to teach the Basic Firearm Training Program. You’ll also learn how to teach the NRA’s concealed handgun license courses. After passing the course, you’ll be able to begin teaching courses in other NRA programs.

In addition to a Basic Instructor Training Course, you must pass an examination to be a member of the NRA. You’ll need an NRA Trainer ID to be an NRA Firearms Instructor. You can also purchase insurance for yourself or others who teach the NRA courses. A certificate will be required once you’ve completed the NRA’s Firearms Training course. You can also get the NRA’s endorsed insurance for instructors.