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Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

who owns marlin firearms

Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

You may be wondering who owns Marlin Firearms, but you don’t know who they are. They are a gun company, not a firearm manufacturer. That’s OK – Marlin has nothing to do with your local gun shop! This article is here to help you find out who owns Marlin, and it’s completely free! Read on for more information! Who Owns the Gun Company?

Marlin Firearms are one of the leading firearm manufacturers in the United States. For years, this brand has been the subject of a rumor: George Soros is buying it. While Soros has denied buying Marlin, he has been credited with promoting the sale of many other companies. As a result, who owns Marlin? You’ll be happy to know that it’s not the billionaire you think it is.

Marlin Firearms closed its North Haven manufacturing facility in 2011, ending 141 years of operation in the state. It was sold to Remington Arms Co. Inc., a subsidiary of the Freedom Group. The Freedom Group purchased Marlin in 2008 and incorporated the company’s production into their own. In 2007, Remington bought H&R Firearms to expand its product line. As a result, they merged the two companies, making them part of the Freedom Group.

If you are curious about who owns Marlin Firearms, check out the website of the Freedom Group. The Freedom Group is a privately owned company that is allegedly owned by George Soros. However, the ownership of the Freedom Group has been disproven by Snopes. As of 2009, Cerberus owned ninety percent of the company. Its founder, Stephen A. Feinberg, also owns other privately held companies.

The Marlin Firearms brand was originally owned by the Remington Outdoor Company. The Remington Outdoor Company was a major firearm manufacturer and sold Marlin for a nominal price. But since then, the company has become bankrupt. This means that the Marlin name is no longer in business. Who Owns Marlin Firearms? There are several sources. They are a private company owned by a major American businessman.

After 141 years of manufacturing in Connecticut, Marlin Firearms was sold to Remington Arms Co. Inc., which is a vendor of firearms. In 2010, the company was bought by Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm. Its stock value rose by more than fifty percent in the following year. This means that Remington is the owner of Marlin’s name, but it doesn’t own the brand.

The company was owned by George Soros until it filed for bankruptcy in September of 2020. Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. bought Marlin Firearms assets for $28.3 million. Apparently, the company didn’t have enough money to continue producing the guns. That’s a big deal! And they’ll be able to keep their name in the industry if they can’t sell them for a decent price.