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What Does ACP Mean in Firearms?

ACP stands for automatic Colt Pistol and is a generic term that refers to various types of rounds. It is a semi-automatic pistol cartridge designed by John Browning in the 19th century. There are different types of acp cartridges that come in various sizes. ACP can refer to any type of round and is less common than other gun types. The most common acp is a.45 caliber.

ACP cartridges are not as powerful as those found in auto pistols, but can be a safer investment. The acp designation is used for the ammunition of historic rifles and pistols. ACP is a common designation for both a.32 ACP and a 4.5x19mm NATO. It is important to understand what this acronym means when purchasing a gun.

ACP refers to a caliber of a gun. A.45 ACP is a standard cartridge, but not an “auto” one. It is a smaller round that was designed specifically for the vest pocket gun. This round is commonly referred to as the 380 ACP. Its name is a trademark of the Colt Manufacturing Company, which makes it an unpopular choice among collectors.

The term.45 ACP refers to a rimless, straight-walled cartridge that was initially intended to be much smaller than the auto pistol. The acp also means that it is automatic reloading. AAC is the most popular caliber of the rimless handgun, and a rimless round is a standard cylinder for both a.45 ACP.

When it comes to firearms, an acp is an acronym for automatic-loading pistols. The acp bullet is a special type of cartridge for handguns. The acp bullet is the smallest bullet that can be used in a hammergun. Its diameter is about a half inch and is a quarter inch wide. If fired into a hammergun, the acp is a rimless round.

ACP is the most common term used for a handgun. It’s also an acronym for a chambered handguns. A CTP is an acronym for automatic-loading. An acp is an acronym that stands for Automatic-Castlet. An acp is a single-shot cartridge. A hammergun is a type of ACP.

What does acp mean in firearms? What does acp mean in firearm terms? Acp refers to a cartridge. The acp means automatic-loading. A.C.P. can be either a rimless or semi-rimmed cartridge. The acp bullet has a diameter of 0.452 inches. When referring to an ACP bullet, an acp is the size of the shell.