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Who Makes Traditions Firearms?

Traditions Firearms manufactures muzzleloaders that are designed to be accurate and reliable. The line includes a.50-cal. and a 6.5-mm. A new Elite XT trigger system and a VAPR(tm) Twist barrel. It has an intuitive manual crossbolt safety and a 1:28″ twist rifling. These guns are designed to make shooting easier for anyone.

who makes traditions firearms

Traditions Firearms sell two types of muzzleloader rifles. One uses the Federal Premium FireStick primer and the other uses a separate primer. Each of these guns uses the traditional components of muzzleloading. Each firestick is made in the U.S. and is shipped to dealers without a primer. Both types of guns use the same type of ammunition, nitrocellulose, which is another type of muzzleloading powder.

The Buckstalker muzzleloader has a solid aluminum ramrod and an internal hammer block safety. This gun also includes a dual safety system. The breeching button is located on the front of the trigger guard. In addition, the Traditions Buckstalker muzzleloader has sling studs and a removable brass jag. A quick-loading hammer and a sling stud allow the shooter to spend more time in the field.

Traditions has a wide selection of black powder revolvers that are designed to fit a variety of needs. Its line includes popular models like the 1871 Navy Revolver and the Remington(r) Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloaders. It also offers sidelock muzzleloaders, which are harder and more durable than modern rifles. The company also sells a variety of handguns and ammunition.

Traditions uses a proprietary muzzleloading propellant capsule called the FireStick, which is powered by a granular powder. The brand names of these firearms include F MK, which stands for firing pins. The name “F” was originally derived from the word military in the company’s name, but was later changed to represent the different gun types. The name now refers to the type of fire pins that are used.

The Atlas 75 grain pistol is made by F MK. The steel brace on the base is important for the gun to be stable. The Atlas 75 grain Desert eagle cartridge is made by F MK. The company has a variety of other firearms for sale, including rifles with the same caliber. Regardless of the style, it is difficult to find a classic that fits your personal preferences. You can buy a replica of the original, or create your own from scratch.