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Where to Sell Firearms to an Armed Prostitute?

where to sell firearms

Where to Sell Firearms to an Armed Prostitute?

My friend received the following email from a gun broker: “I am writing to inform you that we have received your guns for sale from Mogensano, Italy. We will be shipping the guns to the distributors in the United States and are currently processing your orders. Thank you for your time.” My question to this gun broker was, “Why did you send my guns to Italy?” He stated, “Your guns were received on a credit basis and were shipped as quickly as possible, based on the quantity that we received and we cannot process your credit cards quickly enough in the current economic environment.

So how is he going to ship them overseas? The gun shop has no warehouse to store these weapons. The warehouse would be full of paperwork and storage units. It is also not allowed by Italy law to import weapons. The only option left for him was to send them over the sea, and I suppose that his decision had something to do with the number of sales he made over the last year.

My next question to the gun broker was, “So where did you get the weapon that was originally posted on MySpace or Facebook or eBay? What kind of weapon was it?” He indicated that he didn’t know. I then asked him, “If it was an antique, wouldn’t you want it back?”

“I probably would, if it was an antique. The problem is that an antique firearm is not legal in most states and can be quite expensive to ship. I’m not sure if it was your fault or what, but you posted it on MySpace or Facebook. I have five posts from an old boyfriend of mine and one from a guy I used to work with.

He told me that he posted it on his MySpace page and that he had received 0 likes on those posts. The firearm had been shipped to a friend of his, and my research indicated that this gun met all the requirements for being shipped to a friend. Therefore, there was nothing illegal about posting it on a social network. He admitted that he probably should have gotten permission from their users before posting it.

So now that we know what type of weapons we’re talking about, where to sell firearms to and who to get your weapons from, we can move on to our next question. “Where to sell a firearm to?” There are a few options here: private sellers, licensed dealers, pawnshops, and the internet. I would definitely recommend the internet as the best option, because it is easy, fast and convenient. You simply go online, create a profile (which you must be a member to do) and then you are ready to meet potential buyers face-to-face.