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What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

When Red Jacket Firearms was on the air it was known for attracting both gun lovers and criminals. Many people were fascinated with what went on in the show and it became a popular show. What happened to red jacket firearms? In one episode a gun shop was targeted by a bunch of ex-felons who had been released from a prison near LA. The shop was targeted by the gang because they were selling illegal guns.

what happened to red jacket firearms

The gang decided to strike out at the store. The manager and the owner tried to calm them down. In the stand off a gun battle broke out and one of the gangsters had a gun taken, but it was not the manager’s gun. Why was he shot?

Red Jacket Firearms was an attraction for many gun owners because there was a great line up of quality guns that could be used by any person in their right mind. The company was run by Will Hayden, son of a famous gun manufacturer. Why was his store targeted? He had been threatened earlier in the show by an associate of theirs who was also selling illegal guns.

Will Hayden was arrested and charged with three counts of unlawful selling of a firearm. He had previously worked at GPO (GeneralPO) Supply. Who was the other employee? None other than Jose Maran, the CEO of GPO who was also arrested. Was he a good worker for such a big company? No one seems to know.

Was the owner of the shop, Jose Maran, a criminal? Who else was involved? Who committed the crime? Was he protecting his family? Was he trying to protect the store from the competition?

Will Hayden had been working hard for many years to build his business. He had dedicated himself to this craft. Is it any wonder he did what he did? He had done the paperwork to open his store and even got the license to operate it. He had done the background work to check on the people running the place. Who else had we sent to prison for crimes involving firearms?

According to the reports we found in the search of records, the business was never closed down. It was just shut down for a few days. One employee claimed that he saw the store manager and the owner take money from the cashier while they were supposed to be paying attention to the customers. Another employee said there was a burglary and that they locked all of the employees out of the gun store. However, these claims remain unproven. Why would the owners and managers take money from their employees while they committed crimes?

Will Hayden had been keeping track of the guns he was selling. This was part of his job as a sales rep. He had a large stock of guns. These guns were from the arsenal his grandfather had used when he was a young boy fighting against the Germans in WWII. Now what happened to red jackets firearms?

The question remains whether the guns were sold illegally. There were discrepancies in the paperwork. This is why he had been questioned by the FBI. Was this the straw that broke the cam’s back or was something more sinister going on? We will never know what happened to red jacket firearms. However, we do know that the story behind the closure of the store is not the only side of the story.