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What States Allow Open Carry Of Firearms?

It seems that we are bombarded with the question, “what states allow open carry of firearms?” I can tell you that it is a good question and yet, there seems to be no easy answer. Let me give you my best stab at a definition, so you too can decide if you want to get a concealed carry permit or not. Open Carry means you have a license to carry your gun, while concealed means you have a permit to carry your weapon in the state you reside. If you want to know the difference between the two, then you are welcome to take a look at our comprehensive Concealed Carry Weapons Laws article. In this article though, we will try to define “open carry.”

According to Wikipedia, “open carry means carrying a loaded or unloaded weapon between the hands (but not including the buttock or the shoulder)”. I think we can all agree that having a weapon in your hand gives you the advantage of being able to control it as well as take it out quickly if necessary. I personally don’t feel that an open carrier is necessarily dangerous. I do, however, believe that some people may be targets for those who carry concealed weapons. Keep in mind though, that if you are approached by anyone while carrying an open carrier, please don’t pull out the weapon! It’s only human nature to act in fear.

There are three requirements to carry a concealed weapon in the state of California. You must be eighteen years of age, have a valid concealed weapons permit, and be a citizen of the United States. The law also states that you may not use a handgun in a case of a crime committed or in furtherance of criminal activity. In addition, you must inform the police if you are in any kind of situation where you may have to use your firearm. If you are arrested, no matter what state your arrest was, you must tell the investigating officer you were carrying a firearm at the time.

Some of the other states that allow open carry of a firearm are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Utah. Each state has slightly different requirements, but in general, all states require that you inform the police you have a firearm unless you are in your vehicle, at a place of business, or while operating a motor vehicle. In addition, you must inform the law enforcement before using your firearm in any other way. So, before you carry a firearm whether it is loaded or unloaded, you should know and understand the laws in your particular state.

When we were students, we were always curious about what states allow open carry of firearms? We wanted to learn more about our rights. We didn’t want the government to get all of our guns. So, every semester we would go to the library and check out all of the different newspapers and magazines. One day, I came across an article that surprised me. It was written about a guy who had bought a machine to shoot birdshot at his target.

The author of the article was concerned that if people were allowed to open carry, then criminals would take advantage of this and shoot people in the streets. So, he suggested that we should write a rule that if you are going to shoot birds with a machine, you had better tell the police right away. That way, they will be able to help you find your target. This article made me think, “What states allow open carry of firearms?” Now, I am just curious.