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“What Happened To Ben At Classic Firearms?”

what happened to ben at classic firearms

“What Happened To Ben At Classic Firearms?”

“What Happened To Ben At Classic Firearms?” is the third in a line of Ben Stiller movies. It is directed by Bill Murray and features John Lithgow as the title role. The movie takes place in 1950’s New York City. This period is important in the storyline because it allows for the story to take place around that time. It also allows the characters in the film to deal with many different social issues that are relevant today.

The story revolves around a young boy who buys a gun from a gun shop. The shop clerk, played by John Lithgow, mistakes the boy for an adult and thinks he is a juvenile. The two begin to bicker and the young boy tries to calm the clerk down. When another gun accidentally goes off and kills a girl, the local police discover that the boy was not the culprit and that his friend had been killed in the gun shop by a blackleg wearing gangster.

Following the discovery of this fact, Ben and his friend decide to rob the police station so that they can get the information that they need. They manage to escape custody and the two begin a series of daring heists. One of these heists leads to the theft of an nuclear warhead. A loose thread is found as the plot unravels and they are able to break into the United States federal store where the weapons are stored. They are stopped at the gun store. With the help of a new friend, they are able to escape and pursue their criminal activity from another jurisdiction.

The gun story in “What Happened to Ben At Classic Firearms” is only part of the movie. The other half revolves around the relationships between the various characters and how each is affected by the events. It shows how guns affect society in general and what it means to own a gun. Some of the other themes that are explored in this movie include child abuse and what it takes to own a gun as a child.

It is interesting to follow the characters as they learn more about each other and about guns in general. This movie would be better without the gun story however. That particular part felt like it was tacked on at the end and never added anything to the movie at all. Ben’s story in this movie is what made it, but without his gun-smoke speech and his devotion to protecting those who cannot protect themselves, the rest of the story hardly ever reached its goal.

Overall, “What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms” is an enjoyable movie. It had some good twists that kept the momentum going through the movie. Some of the characters were not developed, but that is not saying they should not have been. It is a shame that their relationship did not develop more, but then again, they were just kids. This movie should be remembered as a fun action-adventure with some great twists.