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The Talon Gen 3 Glock Grip Tape Review

If you own a Glock handgun, chances are good that you use it on a regular basis. While there are many accessories available to work alongside your handgun, perhaps none are as useful as a quality holster and accessory combination such as the Gen Glock Grip Tape. Even if your gun is old or new, it’s wise to protect it with some sort of safe against potential damage. Holsters have come a long way in recent years; you can find a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, etc. Here is a quick review of what’s available out there:

The Talon Gen 3 Glock Grip Tape is a simple upgrade for any full size or compact handgun, ensuring that users have the durable, rugged texturing that they want to shoot their handguns reliably and precisely. The synthetic leather-like material that’s used on the Gen3 isn’t just incredibly tough and durable, but it’s also highly textured. Unlike standard gun holsters, a gun holster with the Gen3 will prevent your handgun from sliding around inside the holster. This will ensure that it’s always secure and prevents your handgun from jamming or flying out of your hand during a critical moment. The company’s rock-solid adhesive also works well with most standard G Series handguns, and the Gen3 is even waterproof!

The Lyrachorda/Rage Armament pistol line offers a couple different options for handgun owners. A basic leather belt holster is offered in both black and blue, with or without the leather finish that comes along with the Gen3 Glock Grip tape. The Lyrachorda/Rage Armament pistol belt has a nice selection of belt holsters to choose from, including the popular “Lyrachorda Armorated Belt Holster”, which is made out of high quality leather with an aluminum frame and a steel clip point. This is one of the most popular belt holsters out there today, and it can be found in black or blue as well. For more casual pistol owners, the Rage Vest is a great option.

The Raging Arms Vest is designed for rapid firing pistol applications. It features an easy to remove buckle and velcro panels located on either side of the pistol’s belt, making it extremely secure and comfortable to wear. There are also belt clips available that feature the same snap buttons, making removal and installation a breeze. The vest features rough textured control cutouts and an adjustable canteen which allows it to be worn low or high. An optional shoulder strap makes it an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Some models feature an attachment for the pistol’s magazines without permanently altering the gun.

In addition to all of these superior features, the Rage Vest has an extra positive rating in the Military and Law Enforcement industries because of its durability and dependability. It features an effective rubber grip material that resists damage and will not rub off. The rough textured surface and snap button closures ensure that the holster system is fully functional and easy to use. This vest is suitable for use with any pistol, whether they are Glocks or Smith & Wesson models.

When comparing models of the Rage Vest, it is important to remember that this product offers a much more competent solution than other similar products without compromising the safety and reliability of the gun. For users who prefer not to permanently alter their pistols, the vest is a great option to use. It provides a higher level of comfort than standard gun holsters, yet offers exceptional stability and comfort thanks to the adjustable cant and back straps. The Talon Gen 3 Glock Grip tape ensures that the pistol remains securely locked in place and does not move while in use.

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