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Aero Precision Lower Parts

Aero Precision lowers are a high performing AR-15 lower parts kit that features precision engineering and lightweight design. The company is a division of Precision Auctions, a respected seller of gun parts and components. Their product line includes a variety of items for the precision machining industry including lowers, handguards, pistol rests, rails, buttstocks, pistol grip stocks and accessories. Each of these parts is engineered to exacting standards and feature either a forged or stamped receiver.

The company’s lower parts are designed for both left-hand and right-handed users, and they come in a variety of designs. They are available in both fixed and adjustable models and can be mounted on any rifle model. Many models include a matching rifle scope and carry case. In addition to the standard pistol and rifle buttstocks, they also produce a left-hand grip and a vertical adjustable buttstock.

The Aero Precision lower parts kit is made for the user who wants precision accuracy from his rifle, but at a lower price than competing brands. When considering an Air Precision product, it is important to check the receiver, as this is where much of the accuracy is derived. Because these parts are specially machined to fit a particular rifle receiver, the fit is extremely precise.

Receiver geometry is critical to the function of the Air Precision parts. The receiver must be perfectly square with zero degrees at the corners for a crisp trigger pull and a crisp break. The edges of the receiver need to be smooth as well to allow proper friction and alignment with the barrel. If the receiver isn’t square, the entire system will not function correctly and should be returned to the manufacturer. Frames are precision milled from steel and may be custom finished to your specifications.

When purchasing parts for an Air Precision rifle kit, you want to focus on quality not quantity. The most expensive rifle kits are not always the best made. These are made with cheap materials that can warp or bend easily. When purchasing the parts for an Air Precision rifle kit, make sure to buy only from a trusted Air Precision distributor. This way you know you are getting the best value for your money.

The Aero Precision lowers can be installed by the customer himself. It is a pretty straight forward to set up. Some people prefer to have the work done by a professional to insure it is done right. You can either choose to install the lower parts yourself or to have someone else do it. The decision is really up to you and the type of accuracy you are looking to achieve.

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